‘ Having not managed to lose weight for a number of years, I was very keen to try hypnotherapy with Sandra. In recent years my back trouble had got worse and I wasn’t able to do any exercise – and the scales had risen even higher.
Sandra in my view is perfectly suited to the practice of hypnotherapy. She relaxed me in no time with her friendly, attentive and understanding manner……and that lovely, soft and soothing voice was wonderful!
To date I have lost nearly 2 stones – the sessions with Sandra helped to give me a strong sense of motivation which I had not experienced previously when dieting. I am so pleased. I would recommend this lady to anybody who is need of her help….’ – JC, Abingdon

‘I cannot say enough positive things about Sandra and solution focussed hypnotherapy – for me it has been genuinely life-changing. Sandra’s comprehensive knowledge, clear explanations, and obvious passion for helping people made me instantly feel at ease and trust her and the hypnotherapy process. After 8 weeks Sandra had equipped me with an ingrained understanding of how positive and negative thought processes work, and guided me towards small initial steps that helped me focus on valuing, appreciating, and gearing my life towards positive experiences. This enabled me to abandon nonconstructive thought patterns that have held me back for years and make big positive decisions. This has had a massive impact on the quality and feeling of direction in my life, I barely recognize myself from six months ago. Thank you Sandra’ – TD, Oxford

‘I couldn’t even be in the same room as a spider and would freak out every time I saw one. Since my sessions with Sandra, I don’t even realise they are there anymore and I certainly don’t respond the way I used to when I do see one. I am more calm and in control and they don’t bother me anymore.’ – FJ, Abingdon